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Monday, 17 March 2014

Allu Arjun| Sruthi Hassan |Thaman| Race Gurram 2014 Audio songs review

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Allu Arjun,Sruthi Hassan Race Gurram music director SS Thaman is the most criticized audio director in Telugu cinema now predominantly for the template 'mass' amounts he comes up with which is equated to everything else he does regrettably. We have no such difficulty in discerning the foreseeable template amounts from the catchy 1's that are irresistible and entertaining to listen to and in our view he's more catchy amounts to offer compared to the foreseeable ones. Let Us see which type 'Race Gurram' falls into.

RaceGurram 2014 Audio Songs List and review is as follows:
"Boochade Boochade" begins the album on a rollicking notice. The beats and rhythms are instantly catchy and makes one hit the repeat button instantaneously. Words have no real significance to it but they add to the entertaining.

"Sweety" is the first of both classy air numbers in the album. It Is a normal Thaman number that gets monotonous in between despite the clear likable parts.

"Cinema Soopistha Mama" is catchy Thaman at his greatest. Everything comes together nicely in this mass number that gets the momentum going right from the beginning. There is no fall in momentum anyplace and the contagious energy retains flowing all through. One of the greatest mass numbers in recent times and joins the likes of 'Laskaru Pori' and 'Banthi Poola Janaki' in Thaman'soeuvre.

"Gala Gala" is the next air. It is the better one among the two with a really unique orchestration which by the way appears to be clearly inspired by few Rahman amounts at once.

"Down Down" shows Shruti Haasan's art as a Vocalist. It follows exactly the same pattern as few above songs, that's, make the foot tap with a catchy beat. Thaman hits all of the right notes in this song with all the nightclub beats and also the dubstep music.

"Race Gurram" title track in the conclusion comes across as the one with very routine template audio from Thaman. But even that is nicely put together overall that makes to get an excellent listen. In fact this also keeps the contagious momentum with the electricity going despite its foreseeable sound. The vocalists add a good deal to the overall positive feel of the song.

                                                      Rating: 3.5/5

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