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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Chandamama lo Amrutham Telugu Movie Review

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Guys., do you know how will be our future, or do you know “Moon”. Ok .,If we get a chance to move on  MOON then what’s your option,Hey don’t say will inform after watching “Amrutham Chandamamalo” ..! That’s correct, This movie is a comic type of flick which was developed from the serial Amrutham

Actor “Srinivas Avasarala as (Amrutham)” and Harish “Koyalagundla as (Anji)” where both of them running their business normally and one fine day they saw a news that RTC-Rocket Travel Company, are taking people from Earth to Moon for their existence. On seeing this news Amrutham and Anji  Sell their properties on Earth and planned to start their business on Moon.

That’s the movie got something…So till now it’s fine, then what business they started on moon.?And how they dig their holes..?Finally are they successful in business or not…? That’s the story of movie..

Both the friends did their Roles as best as they can. And the movie goes on with fun filled entertainment and those who like’s the serial will sure , like this film where the director “Gunnam Gangaraju” continued the same flavor in his best way by moving Amrutham from small screen to Big Screen.

3dTollynews Rates This Movie  with 3.25/5
Tagline :- Amrutham Big fun on Big Screen for serial lovers.

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