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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Ak Rao Pk Rao telugu movie review

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Ak rao Pk rao stills

Ohh.,.,. Hot summer..,,. its very hot.,.,. In the mean while I went to “A.k.Rao P.k.Rao “Movie, in the sense it may give some coolness. In the cool A.C. Theatre the movie starts, while coming to the story, ‘Dhanraj’ and ‘Thagubothu Ramesh’ are brothers  who leads a happy life in their village Amalapuram with their small family along with their younger sister.

To daily life needs they go on with their saree business and it goes smooth with good profit. And if everything was good then who watch movies..?As usual here came the twist in story. “Krishan Bhagavan” enters into their village ,we know if “Krishna bhagavan” enters he will confuse or conflict the scene. In the same way he started the  saree business opposite to our hero’s.

And by using some tricks Krishna Bhagavan kept the two brothers in Jail. After few days they came back in a new Avatar to teach a lesson to him. In the mean while they also save their village from a don “Raghu Babu”. And finally how they came from Jail and  how they taught lesson to Krishna Bhagavan…?was the movie.

Both the actors Dhanraj and Thagubothu Ramesh performed well and said to be asset for the film by carrying the entire film on their shoulders. Actresses “Sri Bhoomika” and “Karina” did well and gave justice to their roles.

Krishna Bhagavan single line punches are well and humorous. “KS Rao’s “music and background score suits the scenes .Dirctor “Srinu” failed to utilize the humor and MS Narayana comedy irritates the audience even characters  like Hema, vennela kishore were not utilized properly.

Finally 3dtollynews Rates this movie  with 2.5/5
Tagline:- A.c. also not cool..  

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