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Monday, 19 May 2014

Pawan kalyan Really a Powerstar

pavan kalyan political entry

After enjoying with a huge TDP - BJP combine’s win, Pawan Kalyan has emerged as the superstar”. On Monday, lots of MPs and the elected MLAs visited the superstar to appreciate him for his help to the party. “Pawan Kalyan is now playing a big part in AP politics and is particularly close-to Narendra Modi. So MPs and MLAs who are aiming for berths have requested the actor to advise them, ” suggests a source. The actor suggests he does not have any curiosity about ‘power politics’ that is enjoying. Because in spite of starting his celebration, he did not match he's become much less unpopular.

The actor even declined BJP’s present of a ministerial berth in the Center. Another rumour is that Potluri Vara Prasad, a close friend of Pawan and the man who organized the Jana Sena party gatherings for the actor, is trying through Pawan for a Raja Sabha seat. Curiously as of late the actor’s pal Chiranjeevi, who had been the Congress’ celebrity campaigner, is not getting any guests and it is currently maintaining a very low-profile.

He proves Power is not in chair, it's in Blood ..Jai Pavanism...

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