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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Charge Sheet On Mani Sharma


We listen Songs.And even we have our own interest and opinion on every music director.While Our Music directors are busy with their call sheets but ManiSharma was different he was quite busy in Charge Sheets.

Yes,its true.Manisharma has some land in kanathur near Tamilnadu.It's ok having land was not a mattter but here our Musician Sharma ji make one foot forward.Sorry not one foot its 73 Cents.The story is as follows.

Along with his land he also acquired 73 cents of other land which was side to his land.But those 73 cents are not bought it was unofficial.And the land owner Selamkuppan complain about this thing to Neelankarai Police. Then the police passed this to Crime Branch.Finally the crime branch people visited the land and noticed that the complaint was true and made a Arrest Warrent .But our Musician was smart enough and he got advance Bail.

Verdict : Sharma Gariki Thondarekkuva..

Note : The verdict was not for blaming anyone.Please if you have any problems or instruction.Please comment us..we will work on it.

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