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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Was Bahubali and Nenokadine same..?

Path Breaking films..,how nice to listen.,from this type of films we can feel we are upto Hollywood.,Yes,this was shown by recent Mahesh "1-Nenkkadine",shown its power at box office and got excellent reviews from critics as well as viewers through out the world. Alredy Director Sukumar got a special mark in the industy with his talent and presentation and sukumar was appreciated for a different screen play for this movie.

Now in the list Prabhas,Raja Mouli “Bahubbali” also joined,where they are claiming their film is also a path breaking film. Ofcourse we can see it in their working stills and also we know about rajamouli and his creativity among films with high expectations from critics as well as viewers among the world.Where Rana,Annushka,Tamannah are doing the other lead roles of the movie..

By looking at their working formula and hard work of their team with SS.Rajamouli mark we have to accept it as a Path Breaking Film..Any way we have to wait and see..

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